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Start Young: Skin Care Tips For Teens

The sight of teenagers meticulously caring for their skin might be too much for other people. But I see no problem with that! People should start caring for their skins while they are young, especially because teens are undergoing hormonal changes. Most teenage girls would have oily skin and pimples whenever they have periods. This article will help teenagers take care of the skins. Read the tips below.

Tip #1: A daily cleansing routine is a must. Everybody should adopt a healthy skin care routine by starting at the very basic: cleansing. One must clean with a gentle soap cleanser twice a day. Exfoliating and antibacterial cleansers are required for those who have oily skins.
Tip #2: Toners are helpers. Toners after cleansing is optional, but I highly suggest one to put it in their daily routine. Toners may restore the skin's natural acidity (pH), tighten the skin, possibly making pores look smaller and enhance the effects of cleansers and moisturizers.
Tip #3: Don’t forget your moisturizers. Moisturizers are beneficial for all skin types. Individuals with dry skin should moisturize as often as needed. Individuals with oily and combination skin types should use oil-free/non comedogenic /non-pore blocking moisturizers daily or twice daily. Individuals with sensitive skin should use products labeled hypoallergenic and ideally fragrance-free products.
Tip #4: Never go out without a sunscreen. Want to know the secret of healthy and radiant skin? Sunscreen. Don’t go outside without it even if it is now hot outside. In fact one should even reapply every few hours if they are often outside. All persons, regardless of skin type, should use a broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30.
Tip #5: Seek professional help. For those who are serious to have the perfect skin, reading tips like this is not enough. Seek medical help if skin problems arise which cannot be cure by over the counter products. It’s also best if you have a monthly or yearly appointment with your derma (even if there’s nothing wrong with your skin) to make sure your skin is at its best.

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Lip Sugar is Sweet

Sugar is a controversial thing. Most people love it and all its forms. Some people argue against it. Setting all these aside, sugar can also be used to make homemade beauty products. Yes, you can use it for that.


Your lips is one organ that gets a lot of attention on a daily basis from other people but is often overlooked when it comes to personal skin care. Yes, there are lip balms to help soften these puckers. There are different kinds of lipsticks and lip gloss to beautify them. But they need the same skin care regimen that your skin and eyes get. Brown sugar, combined with some honey and coconut oil, can be used as an exfoliant to naturally shave of dead skin cells, improve circulation, help in plumping, and soften the lips. Done on a weekly basis with your other skin care routines will ensure that your entire face gets the right attention. This is a natural, inexpensive, and effective way to take care of your lips.


Achieve a Glowing Skin with Pilates


What better way can you have a good skin but to work from within? Pilates is one of the key answers to having a healthy glowing skin. It is also said that it is also a natural remedy for loose skin. You may want to consider Thai Pilates (assured that it is already translated from Thai language to English language).  There are different kinds of Pilates and there are also different ways in doing Pilates. The exercises can be done at home or in the gym. Pilates exercises are done on usually on a mat or on the floor.

Exercise equipment can also be used in Pilates. The best known equipment in a Pilates studio is a reformer. It is a bed-like frame with a flat platform on it which rolls back and forth on wheels along the frame. It is attached to one end of the reformer by a set of springs, which provide different levels of resistance as the platform is moved along the frame. There is also a footbar which can be used by the feet and/or hands. It is also equipped with long straps attach to the top end of the frame in order to be used to pull the platform. The parts are adjustable for different body sizes and the level of resistance and skill that the performer needs.

Pilates is a fun and new way to exercise. It allows the body to be detoxified as well as strengthened without having to be fully stressed such as in weight lifting and other strength exercises.

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The Best Cleanser

Skin care is a tricky thing. If you are blessed with great genes, you should have few problems to contend with. But if you have skin like most, which is troubled at least once a month, then you really have to make the special effort to get the facial wash that is best suited to your skin.


The question is, is there a best cleanser? The answer is pretty simple. There can be a best cleanser for you and your skin type but this may not necessarily be the best cleanser out there. There are five skin types. There is oily, dry, combination, sensitive, and blemished. Looking at these alone you will see why there are so many different and good choices.

If you have typical skin, research on face washes that have the best reviews and then give these a shot. There is nothing like trying them out and seeing for yourself which product your skin will like. Remember though that if you have more problematic skin, it is best to see a doctor first.

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Home Remedies Worth Trying

There really is nothing like doing things from scratch, all natural, and on your own. Contrary to popular belief, this is also the case with skin care. You can make your skin care products yourself and at home and this is sometimes better than products you buy outside because you know what has gone into making them.


If you have oily and acne prone skin, one home made mask you can try is make out of water and baking soda. What is simpler than that? Just mix enough warm water and basking soda enough to form a paste and apply to clean, dry skin for 10-20 minutes. The baking soda serves to limit oil production and dry out existing pimples.

Of course, if you experience redness, remove the mask at once. And remember that while it is great to make stuff and successfully use them, some conditions do need professional help. So for cases like these, go to your dermatologist.

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Water Really Is Good for the Skin

If you are concerned about your skin and you want to do all that you can to make sure it is as healthy as can be, you are in luck. There is something you can do that does not cost much and requires just a bit of adjustment on your part. This is water therapy. Now, water therapy is really about increasing the amount of water intake in your system on a regular basis. It is not a fad or a series of actions like a diet. It is a change of lifestyle. It may take a while to adjust to this, especially if you do not drink a lot of water in general, but the results are fantastic.

By increasing your water intake to 3-4 liters regularly a day you will see noticeably plumper and smoother skin. Water therapy ahs also been known to decrease the creation of oil on the skin and the resulting pimples from clogged pores. As added, great benefit is that you will also get a clean colon and a well-balanced kidney.

For great skin care that costs almost nothing and requires basic effort, try drinking loads of water.

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Holiday Skin Stress

The end of the year can be stressful for many reasons. It can be stressful because you are a full time worker rushing after deadlines and trying to make sure that everything is closed out before the end of the year. It can be stressful if you are in sales or in real estate because you need to make quotas. If you are someone rushing to make sure all the presents are wrapped and the menu for Christmas and New Year celebrations are organized, then you would be stressed as well.

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One thing that often suffers is the skin. Your skin reacts to stress during the holidays much the same way it reacts to stress in general. The difference is that break outs may be harder to deal with in the dry, winter months. So remember at the end of the year, when stressed, you must take extra precautions to care for your skin. Make sure you are always hydrated, you get enough sleep, you do not overdo the coffee, and that you learn to let go of some things and enjoy the holidays.

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Taking Care of Spots

Acne is a skin problem that plagues almost everyone at some point in their life. If you are lucky, you will have experienced this during your teenage years and this will have been confined to that period in your life. Some are not so lucky though. Some individuals have the unfortunate experience of adult acne which can be more vicious and more difficult to control than puberty break outs. Others may experience some form of acne to a lesser degree. Let’s talk about tips for that group of people.

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For those who experience some form of acne in their adult years that is mild to moderate and not termed as adult acne, count yourself lucky still because this can be controlled with some specific care.

First, you must know your skin type . It is assumed that at this point you know what your skin type is, but some people are late bloomers and so knowing this is the first step. If you are really clueless, go to a doctor to find out. You must use the face and body cleansers that are for your skin type and these could be different from each other. Next, you must always use sunscreen. Nothing natural aggravated pimples more and leaves linger-lasting dark spots than sun exposure. Finally, cleanse and moisturize regularly, and yes, that includes at night when you are tired or even drunk.

Following these basic steps will go a long way towards getting healthier, more acne-free skin in your adult years.

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The Benefits of Starting Young

There are a lot of tips mothers give to their daughters right after the start of their period that are often dismissed as being old fashion but in fact have a lot of worth. One of these pieces of advice is to cleanse and moisturize as much as possible.
While this is still the tip of choice today, a lot of young women either forego one or the other or start later. Let’s quickly go through the benefits of mom’s advice here.
Cleansing and moisturizing are the two root steps in great skin care. One must make sure to find the right kind of facial cleanser and religiously clean especially at night after removing makeup. After the cleansing step, moisturizing should be done. This is to keep the skin clean of bacteria that can cause pimples and to keep the elasticity a while longer. With these two, simple, daily steps, a young woman can stay looking youthful much later in her life.

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Japanese Perfection

MSGIt has always been a widely accepted fact that the Japanese is a culture deeply steeped in tradition and honor. From the way they prepare food to the way they present it, there always seems to be a traditional way to do it even in today’s quickly paced world of business and of course dining.
The Japanese have been using monosodium glutamate for a long time, soon after it was released commercially sometime during the early 1900’s. Using traveling physicians, pharmacies and traditional media in print, Ajinomoto established itself with pioneering marketing strategies such as free samples for potential customers to try out before they buy the real thing. It allows the best food to taste exceptional and the not so best cuts to taste just the same as their more expensive counterpart.
Thanks to this humble Japanese product, we get flavorful meals in shorter cooking times, lessening the amount of lost nutrients naturally occurring in food from being cooked away through long and tedious cooking practices. MSG actually makes food more nutritious for it allows less cooking time while retaining that well cooked taste attained using the humble additive we all know as MSG.

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