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Home Remedies Worth Trying

There really is nothing like doing things from scratch, all natural, and on your own. Contrary to popular belief, this is also the case with skin care. You can make your skin care products yourself and at home and this is sometimes better than products you buy outside because you know what has gone into making them.


If you have oily and acne prone skin, one home made mask you can try is make out of water and baking soda. What is simpler than that? Just mix enough warm water and basking soda enough to form a paste and apply to clean, dry skin for 10-20 minutes. The baking soda serves to limit oil production and dry out existing pimples.

Of course, if you experience redness, remove the mask at once. And remember that while it is great to make stuff and successfully use them, some conditions do need professional help. So for cases like these, go to your dermatologist.

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