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Start Young: Skin Care Tips For Teens

The sight of teenagers meticulously caring for their skin might be too much for other people. But I see no problem with that! People should start caring for their skins while they are young, especially because teens are undergoing hormonal changes. Most teenage girls would have oily skin and pimples whenever they have periods. This article will help teenagers take care of the skins. Read the tips below.

Tip #1: A daily cleansing routine is a must. Everybody should adopt a healthy skin care routine by starting at the very basic: cleansing. One must clean with a gentle soap cleanser twice a day. Exfoliating and antibacterial cleansers are required for those who have oily skins.
Tip #2: Toners are helpers. Toners after cleansing is optional, but I highly suggest one to put it in their daily routine. Toners may restore the skin's natural acidity (pH), tighten the skin, possibly making pores look smaller and enhance the effects of cleansers and moisturizers.
Tip #3: Don’t forget your moisturizers. Moisturizers are beneficial for all skin types. Individuals with dry skin should moisturize as often as needed. Individuals with oily and combination skin types should use oil-free/non comedogenic /non-pore blocking moisturizers daily or twice daily. Individuals with sensitive skin should use products labeled hypoallergenic and ideally fragrance-free products.
Tip #4: Never go out without a sunscreen. Want to know the secret of healthy and radiant skin? Sunscreen. Don’t go outside without it even if it is now hot outside. In fact one should even reapply every few hours if they are often outside. All persons, regardless of skin type, should use a broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30.
Tip #5: Seek professional help. For those who are serious to have the perfect skin, reading tips like this is not enough. Seek medical help if skin problems arise which cannot be cure by over the counter products. It’s also best if you have a monthly or yearly appointment with your derma (even if there’s nothing wrong with your skin) to make sure your skin is at its best.

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